Mini Adventures In A Mobility Scooter


“Secret Gardens”

Last Summer 2015, I  had my first mini adventure in a mobility scooter. I decided to put our “new” secondhand scooter through its paces. It is a Roma Medical SHOPRIDER Paris GK9  available from Amazon UK. I was a novice, and have succumbed to needing one because my fibromyalgia and back pain has got progressively worse leading to reduced exercise tolerance, and I can no longer walk the distances I used to, check out my post – Part-time on a mobility scooter.

I was desperate to get out in the fresh air and sun, and was reassured by the previous owners, that the battery is capable of 10 miles (16km), and as a Class 2 Scooter its top speed is only 4 mph! My hubby, decided to join me on his Brompton folding bike. Though I did warn him that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with him, so gallant Mr. M kept pace with me instead.


I discovered this hidden little gem of a walled, secret garden in Batheaston a few years ago, whilst out walking our dog. It is beside the car park, off the High Street. But I’ve not been able to walk out this way for a long time.

So, we began our mini adventure from our home in Larkhall (a suberb on the east side of the City of Bath).  I drove the scooter across a pedestrian crossing the busy London Road (A4) near the Bath Rugby’s Lambridge Training ground, and down through Grosvenor Bridge Road to cross the River Avon. I continued through the small wooded area and hoped that I’d make it up the long, often muddy (particularly after rain) footpath, which can be a bit steep and overgrown in places (and inaccessible in the winter) up onto the Kennet and Avon Canal. The wee scooter aka. “Cool Runnings” did a sterling job at top speed and rose victorious from the undergrowth!


We turned left on to the canal pathway headed towards Bathampton. As it was a Saturday, there was a lot of ‘traffic’ with dog walkers, cyclists, canal boat owners and folks generally having a good time. The path is well maintained and very accessible to mobility scooters, wheelchairs, Prams etc.


It took about a 30 minutes from Larkhall to reach our first stop in Bathampton. We parked up just  under the bridge beyond The George Inn and had a delicious afternoon tea at The Raft Cafe Boat


We then headed off down Mill Lane heading towards the Batheaston Toll  Bridge.  Just opposite the  entrance to the  New Leaf Farm Holiday Cottages , is the gate to the a new shared foot and cycle path  Batheaston Bridge & Cycle path          Better By Bike rides               


The route is very accessible so my little scooter handled it all very easily, and the views were great, especially as I whizzed down the path and up over the bridge.

From my high vantage point over the River Avon, I could then looked down to see the walls of the secret garden.


Mr M. had gone ahead of me and these are view of the bridge from the garden.


On entering the garden through these arches, you’ll see some interesting and lovely stone relief work.



Then straight ahead is the eye catching centre piece of the sun dial orbe (see top picture).

We took our time wandering around enjoying the views and flora and fauna.


So there you have it, a brief introduction to this hidden gem on the outskirts of Bath. The scooter did magnificently for an older lady. The batteries lasted until we got home by retracing our route. In total it was about a 5 mile round trip and took over 3 hours considering the scooter’s speed is equivalent to a fast walking pace, and had we stopped for the quintessential English afternoon tea, taking our time to enjoy the experience. So we hope you this will tempt you to give it a go too.


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