Living Life Without Limits

In many senses the only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves. We may have physical, mental, geographical, financial limits, but no one can take away from us our imaginations, out thoughts and desires, our choices. We may be sick or in a prison of some sort, locked into a situation that seems untenable, unbearable, unbeatable, inescapable. But no one can take away our minds, our cognitive processes. Yes diseases such as Alzheimers can gradually erode our memories and capacity. But even then it’s possible to tap into a locked memory of past experiences and free them to dance away momentarily from their prison.

Today I’m challenging you to escape your prisons, daring you to dream, to break free from the fetters that bind you to this mortal existence, to dance away and live life without limits. Take time out today to go on holiday in your imagination to an exotic island, or climb Everest, or to skinny dip in the clearest, freshest mountain lake. Dare to dream that despite your pain and suffering, your busy schedules, you can find meaning and purpose in the simplest things, the bursting forth of a flowering bud this Spring, the rising of the morning sun, the calm majesty of the setting sun. Listen to the dawn chorus, as a wise man once said, ” the (birds) do not worry about today, they neither reap,nor sow, nor gather into barns and yet they are looked after and fed”.

Live life without limits, be creative, find new solutions to your problems, open your inner eyes and minds to new possibilities, for work, for financial freedom, for freedom from pain and suffering, for freedom from mental torment, for freedom from physical restraints. Yes it takes time, but TIME is one of our greatest commodities, once gone can never be recovered. If we feel we have no time, then may be it’s time to re-evaluate life’s priorities and give yourselves the gift of time. Even when faced with impending death, let’s expand time and learn to live in the moment. Often those who face chronic or terminal illness come to realise and reprioritise the important things in life, love, relationships, and the simple pleasures of time spent together.

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