Fun with Sardines – A Cheap Easy Cook Low Calorie Lunch Idea!


 ‘Steamed shredded Cabbage and Carrot
topped with Grilled Sardines’


A homemade recipe of mine that’s cheap, easy and quick to make. Rich in omega 3, protein, minerals and other goodies  (224 calories –Myfitnesspal).

This is part of my weightloss challenge, to try to reduce carbs especially wheat e.g. bread, pasta, biscuits which leaves me bloated and are high calories , and to increase eating more vegetables and choose healthier options. I keep falling off the diet wagon! But I do need to lose some weight to help me manage my chronic pain and fatigue and lower my blood pressure! It is made more difficult because of my health problems and living on a low budget. For more on that see my post Weightloss Challenge with a disability.

So cheap, economic options (cheap doesn’t have to mean poor quality) are in order. Tinned foods are a great store cupboard stand-by, as too are frozen vegetables and fruit, they retain their positive benefits for longer and are often cheaper than fresh. This reduces wastage of fresh foods that are forgotten about lurking in the bottom of a fridge or cupboard. Fresh food is great when you can buy and use it within a day or two. Buy locally produced food or have a go at growing your own! For this little recipe, I have had  a fresh cabbage and carrots,on the go for past 5 days, stored in the fridge and I just chop a little off as needed. Shredding stuff makes it go further, even cheese! As I cook only for one or two in our household we try to keep minimal fresh food so we can use it up asap. Stand-by’s are great for times when I don’t feel like cooking or not feeling well enough to do so, yet still want something healthy and nutritious.

A really inspiring blog to follow for healthy budget recipes is by author and blogger Jack Monroe Cooking on a Bootstrap



100 g Cabbage shredded

Small Carrot grated

Tinned Sardines in Tomatoe sauce or olive oil

  1. Mix cabbage and Carrot together and steam in a steamer or my preferred lazy way in a  Lakeland Steam Cooking Bags
  2. Empty sardines into a heatproof container e.g. Grilled pan and place under hot grill until toasted to your taste. Add extra Tomato sauce/purée if required.
  3. Place steamed vegetables onto a plate topped with the grilled sardines.
  4. Et Voila! Enjoy!

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