Summit Aqua Infuser

61ndylokvkl-_sl1181_ Drink more water!’

We are all encouraged to drink more water to stay healthy and well hydrated.  But many of us find this is hard to do. However, one way that has helped me especially in my Weightloss Challenge and with my  Tips on how to cope with exam stress,  is by using carbonated mineral water with a shot of fruit juice, and has made the idea of drinking water more palatable, interesting and fun! This was made more fun and interesting when  I found this brilliant, inexpensive fruit infuser water bottle in a local shop. It is called a Summit Aqua Infuser also available online via  Amazon UK 

It has a removable fruit squeezer, and I pop in some soft fruits e.g. These are my home-grown raspberries,  which I then infuse in the carbonated mineral water, and later after finishing the drink I’ll eat the fruit too, topped with a maybe a little yoghurt and honey, so nothing is wasted!  I think this is an economical, much healthier drink packed with fresh fruit and mineral water with no additives, that is far better than many commercially produced so-called ‘health’ drinks  which are often loaded with refined sugar etc.  As far as I’m concerned it’s a no-brainer!











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