Colour in the Darkness: Helpful Hints for People Who are Feeling Down

Paperback Published: January 2006 ISBN:0-955-18740-0 by Pamela Ann Norman (Author)
Published: January 2006
by Pamela Ann Norman (Author)

‘Colour in the Darkness’ is a pocket-sized book that will do just that, bring light and colour to dispel the darkness  and lift you up if you are feeling down or depressed. Written by a friend of mine who is a nurse and a vicar’s wife, Pam Norman draws on her own experiences of coping with post-natal depression. She reaches out to those in a similar situation, who may  not be able to  contemplate from one  moment to the next or one day to the next, what step to take or, how drag your mind out of the quick sand of dark depressive thoughts that seek to overwhelm.

I used this book during a  period of depression. It really did bring some colour into my darkness. It is fun just flicking through its pages and picking out a thought for the day. It is not a ‘heavy, wordy’ book that you have to wade through from beginning to end. When you can’t see the point of living and wonder why you’re here, this little book is like a lifeline for you to hold onto. It is good to know that others have been where you are now, and have felt like you feel. You are not alone!

‘Colour in the Darkness’ is a great little pocket-sized companion only 125 x 100mm, that will literally fit in your pocket, handbag, travel bag etc. Buy one for yourself and to give away to friends or family. I have bought it recently for friends, who  are finding this little gem a comfort and a hope in their times of need.

It retails at £5.00 plus P & P and is available  to purchase directly from the author, Pam Norman at:

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