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How to search for documents linked to your academic institution’s library

 This is a useful feature within Google Scholar. You need  a personal university email address, then go to Google Scholar to set up an account. Once that’s done, click on the Settings  tab as you see below in (Fig. 1) .


Next click on the Library link in (Fig.2). Then in search bar type in your institution’s or morel name, and select from drop down list. Tick the box next to the correct one(s). Click ‘Save’ at bottom of page.


Go back out of settings and Bob’s your uncle you’re all set!  As you search for documents from now on, you will find that any which can be found available in your institution’s library will show up on the right-hand side of the list of references (Fig.3).


If you want to save your searches to review later click ‘Save’. Your collection of saved searches will be stored in ‘My Library’ in (Fig.4.)


To Cite the article click ‘Cite’ to reveal a citation box (Fig.5) containing various reference conventions. Then either use the referencing tools at the bottom or copy and paste into your document.


Written by Sophie Moss

November 2017


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