When we were ready to love again

When we were ready to love again,
We opened up our hearts
And you crawled in and stole them.

You beautiful, fluffy bundle of joy and life,
The colour of a cafe latte, whose nose fitted in an paper expresso cup,
Who at just a few weeks old was so small you sat in the palm of our hand,
You were the smallest of the litter and fought for your place,
But what a lion-hearted boy you turned out to be!

The day we came to bring you to your new  home,
You stood in the kitchen front paws turned in with your head to one side,
Looking worried, not knowing what was happening, insecure,
A look and stance you never lost as you grew old. Unsure,
you would come for reassurance, and stand between our legs just like a baby elephant,
your head facing behind us, your tail at our front.

Our dear, sweet little man you will always be our baby,
even though you have left us broken-hearted at our parting, to go to your forever home.
You have stolen our hearts and left a hole that cannot be filled.
We do not regret for one minute opening up our hearts to you, knowing that one day we’d have to go through once again,
the pain and heartache of letting you go.

Such is the way of love…
A heart that has never been broken, has never loved!
And we are the poorer for closing and hardening our hearts for fear of being hurt,
Yet we are the richer for opening them up to the pain and joy of loving again.

We cherish the memories of your puppy days and your latter days.
Your cheeky, funny mischievous days!
Wanting nothing better than to play chase, or tug-of-war, or running around in the fields, chasing trains, scaring flocks of birds on the beach,
Eyes shining, mouth wide open laughing, coat flowing in the breeze, having an absolute blast!

Lion-hearted as a youngster, you tried to round up a herd of cows!
In your maturity you became a nanny to children, chicks and kittens.
You thought it was your duty to discipline young dogs and teach them respect, etiquette, and good manners!
You were a prince among princes with regal bearing,
You would puff out your chest and stare with authority and not make a noise,
At dogs twice the size of you, who would back down and turn away quietly.

Where did those twelve years go? How quickly time has flown by!
Our lovely, funny, beautiful little boy,
Our dear, sweet little man,
You have touched so many hearts and lives,
We will never be the same again,
Yet we are all the richer for allowing you to leave paw prints over our hearts.

(Sophie Moss, 2018)

Good night sweet Prince, And flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest”
(William Shakespeare)

In memory of
Monty Moss
(27th January 2006-18th January 2018)

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