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‘If you can…’ Zimbabwean proverb


Don’t Quit

I have been introduced this inspirational poem, at a time when I’ve been so close to giving up recently when  the going’s …

Iceland Knows How To Stop Teen Substance Abuse. The World Isn’t Listening – Digg

Iceland knows how to reduce teen substance abuse.  

Response to recent US and UK Elections 

Whatever we are feeling about the  US election result this week,  the same as with our own in the UK in recent …

Google Scholar: How create links to your institution’s library

Google Scholar: How to create a link to your institution’s library

Researchers Discover ‘Brain Signature’ for Fibromyalgia

By Pat Anson, Editor Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have discovered a “brain signature” that identifies fibromyalgia with 93 percent …

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